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Reform on Campus

The 2014-2015 Reform on Campus (ROC) Grant, offered by the Men of Reform Judaism (MRJ), supports and encourages building Reform Jewish community on college and university campuses across the United States, Canada and worldwide.


MRJ News

MRJ Current Status Update
by: MRJ Management Committee
For the past year, MRJ and JCS have been reviewing their respective missions to evaluate how best to organizationally and programmatically advance both organizations.  Concurrently, the URJ is undertaking a complete review of its own mission, structure, and future direction. What we have tried to do is determine, in this new era of cooperation and collaboration between MRJ and URJ, how we collectively can best advance our respective missions, which should have significant overlap, as we all want to advance the overarching goal of advancing the Reform Movement and the Jewish people.

So where are we?  


2015 MRJ Convention

MRJ’s 2015 Convention was held in Dallas July 24 – 26.  This “business only” meeting was conducted from 9:00 AM to noon on Sunday morning, July 26.

A summary of the agenda items follows:

  1. Constitution and By Laws (view documents) - Approved and adopted
  2. Nominating Committee (view proposed slate, committee list and announcement) - Report presented
  3. URJ Task Force Update - Discussion to be published

There was a telephone call in number for remote attendance and a number of men called in and participated in the discussions.
In accordance with our newly approved and adopted constitution electronic participants may now vote.