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Men's Stories - Relationships build stable communities. Sharing stories finds friends with common backgrounds and interests. Friends with commonality form relationships. We are committed to supporting the engagement of Reform Jewish men in Jewish life. MRJ wants to share your stories, form relationships, build comunity. Send us your story to have it published in our monthly newsletter and on our website.

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MRJ proudly supports the Long Island PrideFest, the highlight of the year for Long Island’s GLBT community.

MRJ President's Message
by: Stuart Leviton

New MRJ Website
by: Dave Oney

The Merchant of Just Be Happy
by: Taffy Brodesser-Akner

'Men are stuck' in Gender Roles
by: Emily Alpert Reyes

Being Jewish Is 'Not So Much Belief
As It Is Belonging'

by: Rabbi Steven Carr Reuben

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The Times They Are A Changin'

The 1960’s brought two songs that are, strangely enough, indicative of the MRJ today some 50+ years later:  Pete Seeger’s “Where Have All The Flowers Gone” and Bob Dylan’s “Times They Are A-Changin’”.  With Seeger’s “Where Have All The Flowers Gone”, allow me to use some poetic license and name it, “Where Have All The Men Gone?” and as for Reb Dylan, well… isn’t “Times They Are A-Changin’” the definition of REFORM?